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Questions about permits, call (608) 489-2521 or email:

NEW! The City of Hillsboro is beginning the process of online permitting. For a list of permits you can pursue online, click the link here!

Click on each link to open the app which is used to submit forms online. They can be submitted and paid from mobile or computer.

Commercial/Industrial/Residential Sign Permit

General Improvement

Short Term Rental

Street/Alley/Public Way Excavation Permit

Zoning Variance


Short term rentals are becoming incredibly popular. With that, the City of Hillsboro passed Ordinance #6-22 to help facilitate the influx of short term rental demand. This ordinance is mostly reflective of Wis. Stat. §97605, but was adopted on the municipal side to make residents aware of requirements.

Below are certain items you will be required to do:

  • Obtain a State of Wisconsin tourist rooming house license
  • Have a Pre-Inspection completed
  • Obtain a State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue Sellers Permit
  • File Room Tax information with all required parties
  • Obtain insurance for the property

In the attached document, you will find a helpful checklist and items to be aware about prior to opening a short term rental. It is important for you to note that operating a short term rental without municipal or state license can result in fines.

For questions, please contact the Zoning Administrator at (608) 489-2521.

Short Term Rental Information and Permit