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Use of this compost site is reserved for residents of the City of Hillsboro only.

Allowable compost includes:

Grass Clippings – Leaves – Wood Chips - Brush – Cold Wood Ash


No Garbage – No Recyclables – No Cardboard – No Planting Containers – No Hazardous Waste

Violators will be subject to the applicable penalties as set by City Ordinance.

The City Street Department collects brush every other Thursday during starting in May. This service is for the use of residents only. The City is not responsible for cleaning up after commercial tree removal services. City ordinance requires the following requirements for brush collection:

"To be collectable, brush will be cut and securely tied in bundles not to exceed four (4) feet, four (4) inches in length and twelve (12) inches in diameter, with individual branches or limbs not to exceed two (2) inches in diameter."

The City collects waste oil at the Street Department building at 1056 Crest Ave. Please contact the Street Department at (608) 489-2777 for details.