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The City of Hillsboro has worked tirelessly over the past years with developers and business owners to plan and complete a series of projects to facilitate economic growth within the community. A perfect example of this is our relationship with Whitehall Specialties, Inc. Through tax incremental district job incentives and water / sewer utility subsidies, the City has created a positive business environment for Whitehall Specialties. Furthermore, through TID and other incentives, the City has been able to assist with the business development of Hillsboro Riverview Dairy, Land O'Lakes, Hotel Hillsboro, Milestone Senior Living, and METCO. We also have a tremendously active Community Development Authority that has assisted in the start-up of three small businesses in the past year. The future remains bright for the City, as we have an agreement to assist in the development of a new hospital for Gundersen-St. Joseph’s Health Services. The City of Hillsboro feels strongly it can provide the resources and stability a business expansion or development would require. From TID incentives to employee relocation / housing placement assistance, land purchase agreements to utility subsidies, the City of Hillsboro is ready and willing to assist in any expansion of your business. 

For more information, please contact:

City Administrator - (608) 489-2521


Hillsboro CDBG Program - Information on the City's CDBG Revolving Loan Fund


Available Enterprise Drive Industrial Lots

Whitehall Specialties
Hotel Hillsboro