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The Mount Vernon Cemetery is governed by the Mount Vernon Cemetery Association Board of Trustees. The purpose Association Board of Trustees is to:

  1. To provide orderly administration and operation of the Mount Vernon Cemetery in accordance with Subchapter II, Section 157 of the Wisconsin Statutes. Lot ownership and burial are open to anyone who abides by the Rules and Regulations, and the Bylaws of the Association.
  2. To provide care and maintenance of the aforementioned Cemetery to insure its beauty, efficiency, and accessibility for the living, for properly identifying and honoring our dead for all time.

Contact Information:

(608) 489-2521

Board of Trustees

Richard Sebranek - Chair

Sheila Schraufnagel - Secretary

Matt Hammer

Treasurer - Vacant

Roger Libansky

Important Rules and Regulations (full list of Rules and Regulations is attached):

  1. The cemetery is open to visitors from sunrise to sunset daily.
  2. Picking flowers, breaking or injuring trees, shrubs, or any planting, marring or defacing any stone work, object or structure will subject the offender to the penalties of the laws of the State of Wisconsin and Ordinances of the City of Hillsboro.
  3. No dogs or other domestic animals will be permitted in the cemetery without special permission, except for seeing eye dogs or service dogs.

  1. General care provided by the Cemetery Management includes keeping the grass cut, pruning trees, shrubs and plantings, maintenance of roads, entrances and fencing when and where it is deemed necessary.
  2. Lot or grave space owners may not cut, remove or disturb the sod or turf without permission of the Cemetery Management.
  3. No trees, shrubs, flowers or evergreens may be planted, pruned or removed, without permission of the Cemetery Management.
  4. If any tree, plant, shrub, evergreen, or real or artificial flower arrangement or decoration interferes with the appearance or proper care of a lot or grave space, or appears dangerous to any cemetery structure, it may be removed without notice. Glass jars, vases, wires, or flowers with wires are not allowed.
  5. No enclosure of any nature such as curbing, fencing, coping, hedge or ditch will be allowed around any lot or grave space.
  6. Lot owners must keep in good repair any structure erected on their lot or grave space. Failure to do so will compel the Cemetery Management to order it repaired or removed at the owner's expense.
  7. For the purpose of a general cemetery cleanup, flowers must be removed by April 1 & October 1 of each year. Flowers left will be removed.
  8. The Cemetery Association and Management is not responsible for damage done to any flowers or bushes during normal maintenance or digging of graves, and for any lost or stolen items.

  1. Flat Lot - $400.00
  2. Upright Lot - $500.00
  3. Summer Grave Opening/Closing - $600.00
  4. Winter Grave Opening/Closing (Dec. 1st - Mar. 31st) - $700.00
  5. Cremation - $300
  6. Winter Cremation (Dec. 1st - Mar. 31st) - $400