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Tinker's Bluff

Located in the rolling hills of the City of Hillsboro, the Tinker's Bluff residential development offers beautiful landscape and attractive scenery for your next home! At $5,000 per 1/2 acre lot, Tinker's Bluff is an affordable option for residents of the City to build their dream home. The lots are fully approved, directly abutt a large park, and have interconnecting walking paths. Whether you are looking for a retirement home or a home for your family to grow, the City of Hillsboro is an attractive and safe place to call home!

For more information about available Tinker's Bluff lots, please contact:

City Administrator - (608) 489-2521

Tinker's Bluff

Community Development Block Grant for Housing

For information regarding the CDBG Housing Program, please contact the program administrator:


City of Hillsboro Housing Action Plan