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Automated Trash and Recycling Collection Instructions

The City of Hillsboro is excited to announce that we have partnered with Southwest Sanitation to provide a new automated program for collection of trash and recycling.  The changes will improve aesthetics within the city, improve safety and security, prevent windblown debris and access to animals, save money and promote and improve recycling collection and participation.

A summary of the changes to your trash and recycling collection include:

  1. Each customer will receive a 65-gallon tote on wheels (blue lid) for collection of trash.  This container will be picked up every week on Tuesday. Please note that all waste must fit into this container.  If you need a second container, please contact Southwest Sanitation at (608) 637-8010.
  2. Each customer will receive a 95-gallon tote on wheels (yellow lid) for collection of commingled recyclables (eligible recyclables listed on other side).  All material must be clean and placed loosely within the container (no plastic bags for recycling).  The 95-gallon recycling tote will be picked up every-other-week on Tuesday.  Most residents will find the cart large enough to hold two or more weeks of recyclables.  If you determine you need a second container, please contact Southwest Sanitation at (608) 637-8010.
  3. Please place your totes no more than 1 foot from the roadway, and 3 feet from each other.  Arrows on tote lids must face the street.  Totes must be placed a minimum of 3 feet from any other object such as cars, trees, phone poles, etc. to prevent property damage by the automated arm.  The tote is picked up with an automated arm that extends out from the truck.  Therefore, the driver does not get out of the truck to pick up your trash or recyclables.  A video showing this collection procedure and explaining the cart placement can be found on our website at  Totes not properly placed cannot be emptied!

The City of Hillsboro and Southwest Sanitation appreciate your cooperation with these changes! If you have any questions, please call Southwest Sanitation at (608) 637-8010 or City Hall at (608) 489-2521.

Bulk Day Collection: Southwest Sanitation will be providing a curb side bulk waste pick upon the second collection day of each month. Please note there are new limits on what can be collected. The limits for this pickup shall be 2 medium items or 1 large item.  Examples of medium items are end tables, kitchen chairs, etc.  Examples of large items are kitchen tables, or recliners or couches.  Demolition items are excluded.  Loose items and extra bags of any kind are excluded.  Items required to be recycled, such as appliances, mattresses, electronics, etc., are not included, but can be arranged for pickup for a fee by contacting Southwest Sanitation at (608) 637-8010.  Any bulk waste items deemed excessive or unacceptable will be left at the curb.