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Building Inspector

Jeremy Phillis

General Engineering Company
(608) 697-7807

Contact for general building permit issuance and requirements.

Office hours are held Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call ahead to set up an appointment. 

Zoning Administrator

City Administrator

(608) 489-2521

Contact for roofing, driveway, and fence permits, as well as zoning and setback information for any construction.

When Do You Need a Building Permit in the City of Hillsboro?

  • An addition or structural changes to exterior or interior of your home or any accessory structure.
  • Any type of electrical, heating or plumbing work that is not considered maintenance; examples of maintenance could be changing: a faucet; electrical device (switch, light); furnace, or water heater if same size.
  • Putting up a fence.
  • Building a new house, garage, storage shed, pool, porch or deck
  • Finishing or remodeling a basement, or rooms
  • Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen if you have any structural or mechanicals (plumbing, electrical, Heating /Ventilation/Air-Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Installation of wood stoves and fireplaces
  • Replacement of roofing shingles or siding
  • Hot tub or whirlpools
  • Installing and modifying private driveways on your property
  • Razing/removing a structure from your property

  • Replacement of same size door and windows
  • Installing storm windows
  • Making minor repairs
  • Changing flooring, carpet, or inlaid wood or tile
  • Installing private sidewalks on your property

Ordinances and State Statutes require building permits. If you do not get a building permit when required the fees can be legally doubled, a stop work order will be posted and you could be fined for every day the work is not in compliance. If you are not sure whether your project requires a building permit, please contact the inspector on duty.

  • Complete Application with any required contractor information
  • Any applicable building plans and drawings
  • Detailed site plan with property boundary setbacks
  • Any other information requested by the Building Inspector or Zoning Administrator

When Do You Need A Permit? - PDF


Prior to starting any project, please contact City Hall at (608) 489-2521. This is also not a final list, so if in doubt, contact City Hall or the Building Inspector.
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