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The City of Hillsboro has four scenic parks and a basketball / tennis court park within the city limits. The City takes great pride in maintaining our parks as they provide recreational activities, great scenery, and historical perspectives for our community. The City of Hillsboro also maintains a municipal swimming pool open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Follow the links below for more information.

Hole 2 - Elevated pin located in the middle of a tree obstacle

Opened in 2014, Hillsboro's Centennial Disc Golf Course celebrates 100 years of Albert Field Memorial Park. Designed by Patrick Blake, the course offers a challenging 9-hole experience. The course will be open for the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

The 4.3-mile Hillsboro State Trail will make you feel instantly at home. Easy and flat, this gravel trail will take you on a short excursion from Hillsboro to Union Center. But this trail is more of a draw for what it connects you to than for the trip itself. In Union Center you can hook up with the 400 State Trail, which connects to the Elroy-Sparta and Omaha state trails to the north. Access this longer trail system for amenities such as campsites, trail information kiosks, picnic rest areas and restroom facilities.

Trail Passes are available at:

City Hall

The Cheese Store and More

Kwik Trip

WI DNR Hillsboro State Trail

Bike 4 Trails Map


Field Veteran’s Memorial Park:

Home to the Hillsboro Veteran’s War Memorial and Cesky Den Gazebo, the scenery and aesthetics are unmatched in the City. This park also offers great fishing on the handicap accessible fishing pier and great boating accessible at the Hillsboro boat launch. This coupled with shelters, a play area, and restrooms, makes the Field Veteran’s Memorial Park an amazing site for Hillsboro residents and visitors.

Albert Field Memorial Park:

Located in the heart of Hillsboro, Albert Field Memorial Park is home to the Hillsboro Historical Society. Also offering a playground, sports fields, shelters (2), camping, bathrooms, a walking path, and shaded forest atmosphere, this park is the largest in the City. This park is also home to Hillsboro's Centennial Disc Golf Course. 

Hammer / Klopfeisch Park:

Located off the Hillsboro Dam, this park offers a great open space and shelter that the entire family can enjoy.

Settler’s Park:

Located directly across the street from Field Veteran’s Memorial Park, Settler’s Park is dedicated to the early settlers of Hillsboro, including the Cheyenne Valley Reserve. Settler’s Park also is home to the African American Settlers of the Cheyenne Valley Historical Marker.

Basketball / Tennis Courts:

Located directly in the center of the City by the Hillsboro Public Library, this park offers a full basketball court and two full tennis courts for community use.


The City of Hillsboro offers free camping in Albert Field Memorial Park. Please contact the City prior to setting up camp.


Park Use Permits Required

Per Section 12.1.15 of the City of Hillsboro Code of Ordinances, Park Use Permits are required for the following:

1)  Any person, group, or organization wishing to use or reserve a park facility or park shelter for an event.

2)  Any person, group, or organization planning an event located within a City park that is reasonably expected to be attended by fifty (50) persons or more. 

3)  Any person, group, or organization requesting exclusive use of an entire City park or planning an event located within a City park that is reasonably expected to be attended by one hundred (100) persons or more.


Park Reservation Form:

Visit Permits, Licenses & Forms page > Administration section > Park Shelter Permit Form

The attached plan was developed by the City of Hillsboro in an effort to relocate the Hillsboro State Trail's trailhead to Hammer-Klopfeisch Park.

Hillsboro Bike Trial and Park Improvement Plan